Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ismael and Mary

Any day is a great day to go out and shoot, especially when living in sunny California! I love being able to take someone up to the mountains, into the city or in this case down to the beach and see if we can capture some amazing memories. The portraits below are of my cousin Ismael and his beautiful wife Mary.
 ...A little insight into my life, family is very important to me and this particular cousin comes from a family who couldn't be any dearer to my heart. Our dad's are identical twin brothers and our moms are sisters and if that isn't enough we grew up living next door to each other. So it makes me so incredibly happy that he has been given such a wonderful wife that loves him dearly. Just being around these two makes me smile.


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  1. Love the shots. They came out great. Ish and Mary aren't bad either. More!