Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Beautiful Heather gave me the opportunity to shoot her and her friends for prom. I have had the pleasure of knowing Heather since she was in the 8th grade and it has been a blessing to see her grow up into such a beautiful person both inside and out. Today she graduated from High school and tomorrow will be her first day as a full fledged adult! I am so proud of her.

It was also wonderful to meet some of Heather's friends and help capture some of the memories they will look back on for the rest of their lives. They were all wonderful models and looked absolutely stunning for their senior prom.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Then and Now

I have loved photography ever since I can remember. As a child I would save up money for disposable camera's and schedule a shoot with my family. I would build sets (usually comprised of moving around some furniture and draping it all with sheets), find props (stuffed animals, phones, a stray cat), dress people up in wardrobe (my mothers clothes) and then the magic would happen. Those 32 pictures would be gone before I knew it, and oh how I would mourn if I wound up the camera before I needed it and accidentally took a picture of the inside of my pocket. Here are some of my first attempts at portraits.

My brother modeling with a bottle of soda.

I was very proud of this next one. Built the set myself. This shot was taken in mid-July but I was feeling wintery so I grabbed a blue sheet and some of my mother's snowflake ornaments and put my cousin in a winter coat I found in a closet.

And here I am experimenting with available light.


I am still in love with photography and love shooting portraits, and every once in a while my family still lets me experiment with them as I try to build sets and think of new poses and angles. However, I now shoot with a SLR camera instead of a disposable camera, shoot a couple hundred pictures instead of my limited 32, and my models are not always limited to my family.