Saturday, November 20, 2010

Extra Credit Adventures

My husband is currently very busy taking 23 units so that he can finish his B.A. as quickly as possible. And though I am very proud of him, the amount of homework he has assigned to him does, at times keep us from going out on the weekend. Which is why I was ecstatic to hear that his Japanese professor would give him extra credit if he visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and write about the Japanese exhibit. An extra credit date night!

My favorite part of the exhibit happened to be these miniature carvings that stood about three inches tall. I'm a sucker for intricacies and these little guys were amazing!

There also happened to be an exhibit on Fashion! I need to make this teacher cupcakes or something! I am very grateful that I live in an age where it's totally acceptable for women to wear pants but I've also dreamed about how lovely it would have been to dance around in huge ball gowns where all the men knew the steps to the dance and your dress would sway back and forth to the music. What I didn't realize is what went under those dresses to give them their shape. What a nightmare! Contraptions that pushed you up and squished you in and gave you a shelf instead of a butt. My word!