Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love visiting aquariums. I feel like I am entering a different world, filled with creatures I wouldn't see anywhere else. The different rays are always my favorite. I love seeing them gracefully "fly" through the water and smile back at me with that goofy grin imprinted on their underside. My second favorite are all of the colors you find beneath the water. It's amazing! Blues, greens, pinks, yellows, every color you can think of and then some are found under the sea. I'm always in awe.

Thanks to all of you who went with me to the Aquarium. Especially for being so patient with me as I photographed all the sea creatures and even pointing out some amazing shots!


  1. Hehe, that ray smile cracks me up every time. My favs are the weedy sea dragon and then the sea star and anenome or whatever just for its cuteness factor. All awesome pics though, especially considering the crowd of kids running through the place, low lighting, and smudgy glass walls. Oh, and I love your commentary. =D