Monday, November 26, 2012

Death Valley (B&W)

Not only does Death Valley offer some spectacular colors but also some wonderful textures. I had so much fun exploring the vast differences in landscape all around the valley. 

Death Valley (Artist's Palette)

When I was asked what I was doing over the Thanksgiving weekend, I would very excitedly answer "going to Death Valley!" The next question would always be "what's there to do in Death Valley?" I would just shrug. I had never been to Death Valley before, all I knew was that it was hot in the day, really cold at night and we were going to be with friends who had been there many times and would show us around. 

Turns out there is a lot to do and see! My favorite sight to see was (and dont' be fooled, I have a lot of favorites) Artist's Palette. I had no idea there was a place in this world that had green, pink and purple hills. It was beautiful!