Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

This past Saturday some wonderful friends introduced us to The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and changed my life forever as far as cheese goes. This store is beautiful and wouldn't you know it my first time there and I have the amazing honor of having the store Owner, Norbert, teach me and my husband a thing or two about cheese. He was so wonderful to us and allowed us to taste all kinds of yummy cheese so that we could find our favorites. I learned that  basically everyone loves Gouda  and that the longer it ages the harder and more crumbly it gets and that I specifically like cheese made of sheep's milk! It was fabulous. I also discovered that my husband likes every single kind of cheese and that cheddar from my local grocery store tastes nothing like the awesomeness of cheddar from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. I really wish I would have gotten the names to all of these fabulous cheeses but I guess that I will just have to go again so that I can figure it out.