Monday, May 14, 2012

Warning: Salton Sea

The last time I was at the Salton Sea I was probably around six years old and all I can really remember from that visit is that it smelled weird. Since then I have seen some beautiful photography taken along its shores and since my husband and I pass it every time we visit his mother we decided that this trip we would make a stop and scout out some potential photography spots. Well, we ended up leaving our place a little later than planned (4:30am instead of 4am) and so I only had about 15 minutes to take some shots. Amazingly, that's all the time needed for me to get a little traumatized. Did you know that the shore line of the Salton Sea is covered with dead fish?! I sure didn't. And since we didn't have much time I jumped out of the car, camera in hand and ran out onto the beach. It wasn't until I had found an ok spot to shoot that I looked down (PTL I didn't kneel) on a pile of fish bones. I froze and looked around, they were everywhere!!!! The "sand" I was walking on also looked a bit weird, and a closer inspection showed me that there were plenty of bones crushed into the shell-ish mixture that made up the floor I was walking on. Shivers went down my spine as my husband looked on and laughed in amusement. I was able to get some quick shots and we were off. We may return again but next time I will probably be wearing some galoshes.

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  1. Hehe, you were hilarious. I think the fish corpse pic is my favorite but I also like the 2nd one down with the seagull with the water looking like glass. Good job.