Monday, November 14, 2011

365 (Give or Take a Few)

 Last year I decided to join a group of photographers and participate in a 365 project. And while I wasn't able to actually take a picture a day for an entire year, the project did help me find beauty all around me. It really is amazing how many wonderful things you can photograph if you just stop and look for them. Some of these were taken steps away from my office door, others were taken at 11:30pm as I desperately looked around my home for something creative to shoot before the clock struck 12 and others were strategic, calculated and time consuming. They were all fun and resulted in a great exercise and some great shots.

First for those shot around the office. Go figure, the fair came into town and set up right next door, then their was a beautiful Iris blooming right outside and finally some weeds.

My 11:30pm shots consisted of grains of salt that I had spilt on our table and the frosting of a cupcake I would be taking to a party the next morning

And Finally my calculated and some times very time consuming shots are of some pretty amazing flowers at the Getty, a sunset coming through some plants, water drops, candles and a little fly who took forever to land. 

A special thank you to my brother for reminding me about the project! I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorites.


  1. Yay, it makes me happy to know you could revisit these and realize (at least in part) how amazing you are! Hehe, these are beautiful and I look forward to seeing some fresh ones soon. =)

  2. These are so great and I love the back stories to some of these too! Good job ~ Are you going to do it again this next year? You should, wink wink.