Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Photography Bucket List

It seems like everyone now a days has a bucket list. I actually have 3! One is my true bucket list (things I wan't to do before I die), one is my "Things I want to do before I move out of LA" bucket list and the third is my "Things I want to do with my photography before I die" bucket list and for all I know before anyone has even read this post I may have a fourth. I just love them, they help me think through what I really want and give me dreams that I can make into reality. It makes me feel like I'm actually going somewhere and accomplishing something when I get to cross something off the list. If you don't have one I would highly encourage you to make one and start acting upon them! So here is my photography bucket list, oh and P.S. if you can help me with any of these and would like to do so feel free to let me know. You can always contact me at or if you know me personally then you can just tell me. So here it is in no particular order:

1. Photograph 5 Major cities at night
2. Make cards with my photographs and use them when I write notes to my friends.
3. Document friends out on the field and the people they are with.
4. Photograph a field with fire flies
5. Photograph the aurora borealis
6. Participate/Lead an event for charity using my photography or by taking portraits
7. Make sure that every middle class and lower, high school student can afford amazing senior portraits if they truly want them (will take trades)
8. Have every one of my FB friends at one time or another use a picture I have taken as their profile pic
9. Do family portraits of my own family, all together.
10. Take atleast one picture that goes completely viral (because it's a great shot of course)

I can't wait to start crossing these off my list and adding new things as I dream of them! My 1st item on the list is 1\5 complete thanks to the photograph below of Paris.


  1. Nice. You are off to a good start with that Paris pic. Hopefully we can see some fireflies before too long too. Hehe.